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All Natural Deodorant

So many people know how toxic antiperspirant is yet continue to use it because the alternative is "all natural deodorant" and stinky armpits. You'd be better off spending your money on a t-shirt that reads "I stink, keep your distance". We totally know how it feels to want an effective deodorant that isn't horrible for your overall health.

After using clinical strength antiperspirant for years and trying every "all natural" deodorant under the sun, we felt completely lost. Whenever we used the "natural" deodorants we felt good about ditching the toxins but never had any confidence that we weren't the stinky kids, cuz we were. Enter, Sawyer Naturals, all natural deodorant that legitimately works. The activated charcoal in our deodorant helps absorb sweat, while the essential oils neutralize the bacteria on your skin. This means you're not trying to cover up your stank, you're keeping it from even entering the picture.

Now you can confidently ditch the toxins, along with the funk, and be ready for anything life throws your way.