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Beard Care

Does your beard strike fear into the hearts of all the baby faced girly men out there? If not, we'd love to help you obtain bearded greatness!

Oil, butter, or balm: what's the difference and why do I need anything for my beard?

So first things first, yes, you need to take care of that beautiful man mane. As you grow out your beard, your facial hair wicks the natural oils away from your face causing dry skin, itchy patches, along with dandruff. Gross. No wonder your lady won't give you any smooches.

So what's a boy to do??

Beard Oil

Contrary to popular thought, beard oil is actually for your skin. It helps soothe your skin and moisturize that parched land you call your face. So goodbye to all that bearddruff and itchy skin and say hello to the good life. But will it make my beard silky and smooth? It's time to step your game up brother, enter beard butter 


Beard Butter

In the spirit of full transparency, I freaking love this stuff! The butter works as a leave-in conditioner that hydrates you beard and turns you into the bell of the ball my friend! You're honestly going to love the way this softens your beard while adding a light hold without feeling heavy or greasy.


What about the pesky whiskers that won't stay put?


Beard Balm

Our beard balm works as an all natural styling agent. The wax helps tame your wild hairs while the shea butter and oils moisturize those beautiful locks.


Now you have all the tools needed for bearded awesomeness!

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