Our Story

From Homesteading to Skin Care

Alex and Laura Sawyer are both natives from Ohio. While they had been born and raised in Ohio, they had dreamed for years about moving south. In December 2017 dreams became reality when they moved to Greenville, SC area.


Sawyer Naturals started with Alex and Laura's passion for homesteading. They started with a small garden that has become a lifestyle of living as self sufficiently as possible. As the Sawyer's became more engaged with the food they were eating, they were also becoming more aware of the skin care products they were using. Utilizing many of the herbs grown on their homestead, Sawyer Naturals uses all natural ingredients to produce some of the best skin and hair care products available today.


The homestead is so much a part of Sawyer Naturals that many of aspects of the homestead have been incorporated into their logo. No homestead would ever be complete without chickens but pugs are what really make the Sawyer homestead go. Now make no mistake about it, pugs add zero value to the homestead or products but they are more family than animal. So, a pug and chicken on the logo, but olive trees don't grow in Ohio or South Carolina.


The Olive tree has multiple meanings to the Sawyers. Many of their products are made with olive oil, as it is great for both skin and hair. While you can't see the branches, there are twelve branches hiding behind the leaves on the Sawyer Naturals logo. The olive tree is also symbolic of peace and reconciliation.

Now, as you enjoy your Sawyer Naturals products and look the label, what do you connect with? Are you a pug lover? Do you just enjoy fantastic all natural products? Or are you looking for some peace or reconciliation in your life?...

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