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Our Story

From Homesteading to Skin Care

So many people struggle with insecurities because their skin holds them back. Whether it's acne, dry, or oily skin; they don't have the skin they desire. The Sawyers know how that feels and want to help as many people as possible experience great skin so they can confidently enjoy everything that life has to offer! 



Alex and Laura Sawyer have a large homestead/farm 25 minutes north of Greenville, SC where they craft all of their products as sustainably as possible while also raising much of what they eat. From a massive garden, to chickens, goats, and pugs; their homestead is always a sight to see.


Their passion for healthy skin grew out of their desire to know where their food came from. After years of raising their own food the Sawyers started to realize that what people put on their bodies was just as important as the food they consume. They also noticed that while there were many small businesses making skincare products, many lacked quality ingredients and didn’t help with the issues they had experienced with their skin. That’s when they decided to start making their own:)

Sawyer Naturals has been able to help many people break free from self-doubt because of their skin and would love to help you experience life in skin that dances with confidence.

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